Friday, September 6, 2013

Debt and maybe prostitution.

Well. It's Friday night. I've spent my evening doing a DIY oil treatment on my hair and watching Sullivan and Son. Thrilling life in the city. I have finished my first week of my last semester at Reading Star Institute. And I gotta tell you it's a weird feeling. Everyday I'm one day closer to the last time I'm going to threaten to throw these tiny monsters out of our third floor windows. It's too soon to get all mushy gushy. I'll save that for my last days, but it's definitely starting to feel real since I've had to start planning my next step. And I guess I ought to go ahead and tell the four of you who faithfully read my blog, and those of you in Russia who like to randomly pop in, what's in store for 2014. I'm going to pastry school. I'm doing it. I've been talking about it forever so now I'm doing it. I may have to solicit my body to afford it or just remain in debt for the rest of my life, but I figure there are worse things than debt and prostitution. 

(The prostitution is a joke, the debt is real. All donations will be accepted. I'll name the bakery after the biggest investor.) 

So, that's what's happening in January. I'll be in Chicago at the French Pastry School. Probably living on the street with no money for food, but I'll be in school. 

For now I have 12 more weeks with my tiny Korean monsters. 12 more weeks to teach another kid the difference between nice to meet you and nice to see you. 12 more weeks to be Peter Pan/Pants Teacher. 12 more weeks for my middle school students to call me an old hag. 12 more weeks to talk about poop and hotdogs with Sean. 12 more weeks to laugh and be very frustrated with my awesome coworkers. 12 more weeks to enjoy everything about this city. 

And forever to be thankful for this past year... okay. Sorry. That was like way cheesy....oh gosh. 12 MORE WEEKS THEN I'M GONNA EAT SO MUCH CHEESE. I want an assorted cheese platter if any of you are thinking about a welcome home gift. Cheddar, Monterey, Colby jack, pepper jack...

Hugs and kisses from Korea.