Friday, December 6, 2013

Coming home: the struggle

Y'all. It's the morning of the 5th day at home. I'm still waking up anywhere between 2 am and 4 am and lay in my bed and read Harry Potter and Pinterest for a while. Then try to sleep. Then read and goggle weird things again. Then by the time my parents are home from work I've decided it's time for my "nap" which really means I sleep until 11 pm or so and then repeat the whole Harry Potter internet scene and the process just keeps repeating. I haven't had dinner with my parents since I've been home. My body has no idea where it is. And I keep having these really strange dreams that I'm still teaching at my school but my students are not tiny Koreans, they are family and friends. Talk about worlds colliding. I try to spend my mornings being really productive so I don't feel like I'm watching Sons of Anarchy ALL day. So far I've cleaned a lot of things out of my closet at my parents house. Things from college that I have no idea why I still have. (Everything from shoes to coffee cups. If you know of anyone in  need of some household things and clothes, I've got them.) I have washed and dried and folded and hung every piece of clothing I had with me in Korea. That was amazing and very time consuming. Dryers. What a dream. Joshua thought I was crazy because I would just kind of bury my face in my clothes. They were just so warm, and elastic, and dry. I have changed both bake elements in the oven. Look at me go. With my excellent critical thinking skills and help of the internet I am going to make it so far in life. I have decorated the house for Christmas. I have cleaned the filters in our dishwasher. (um, gross). And everything. single. gosh. darn. day I have emailed and searched and sent and prayed and hoped and wished for an apartment and a job. But nobody wants to rent to me because I'm unemployed. and nobody wants to hire me because I don't have a Chicago address. The struggle is real, people. It is real. But, on a positive note, in the last five days I have eaten dill pickles, turkey, and several different pumpkin flavored products. And that's worth coming home for. If anyone wants to come out to Elwood and see me, we can watch Netflix and I'll show you the picture of the gross dishwasher filters. (No I won't, mom.)